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Winter Road Tripping & How to Make the Most of the "Off" Season

For a large majority of the population winter means staying in, staying cozy and hibernating until Spring makes her return. But for those of us willing to take the risk and get outdoors despite the chill, the snow and the unpredictability of the winter season, the risk is always worth the reward!

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Hello Hot Spring Heaven!

With winter still in full swing in most parts of the country... (did someone say snow in LA??) my friend Jess and I made it our mission to find the best spots to get our soak on despite the frosty February vibes.

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How I REALLY Travel

I get a lot of messages asking how I get to travel so much. I've touched on this subject in the past but it's been a while so I figured as a part of #365daysofREAL I would share the real ways I have supported myself and my travel cravings over the years...

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