Winter Road Tripping & How to Make the Most of the "Off" Season

For a large majority of the population winter means staying in, staying cozy and hibernating until spring makes her return. But for those of us willing to take the risk and get outdoors despite the chill, the snow and the unpredictability of the winter season, the risk is always worth the reward!

Wintertime means less crowded, well, just about everywhere other than the tropics! Making National Parks, hot springs and all my favorite travel destinations way more exciting to visit, knowing I could very well have the place to myself. My most recent trip across the Southwest with Jackery led us to an almost completely empty Arches National Park! The red rocks and arches covered in snow was honestly unlike anything I’d ever seen. And the most people we saw on any given hike was at best only a few, making for an incredibly unique experience. Thank you winter!

Snowshoeing, hiking and camping are just a few of my favorite winter activities. With the proper gear I’m always comfortable tent or car camping even when the temperatures drop. And most places look extra magical when covered in a blanket of snow!

My recent trip to Lake Tahoe was the epitome of winter beauty. Snowshoeing the East Shore there wasn’t another person in sight. Only jaw dropping view after view of the crystal clear lake and its snowy shoreline. Having my Jackery portable power bank allowed me to snap some of my favorite photos and memories from this hike that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten because guess who forgot to charge her phone the night before? Total life saver!

Speaking of true life savers… Road tripping and traveling in the winter also means being cautious and prepared is more important than ever. Car trouble and weather can be very real concerns with road conditions often at their worst and weather patterns their most severe and unpredictable. Having my Jackery x Honda Power Station means I always have power when I need it, especially in case of emergencies!

Especially living on the road, my Jackery Power Station means I don’t always have to be scouting out cafes and places to charge my phone and laptop. I can work from the comfort of my “house” car anytime! Not to mention a lot of the distance covered between destinations has cafes few and far between, most places in small towns close early, and most areas are completely void of civilization entirely.

I hope these photos and thoughts convince you to make the most of winter! It really is one of my favorite seasons and offers an incredibly unique experience of Mother Nature at her rawest. If you do choose to venture out during these last few weeks of Winter, please take extra caution! Mama Earth is as unforgiving as she is beautiful, and it’s always important to be prepared for anything!