Hello Hot Spring Heaven!

With winter still in full swing in most parts of the country... (did someone say snow in LA??) my friend Jess and I made it our mission to find the best spots to get our soak on despite the frosty February vibes.

Our road trip commenced in Phoenix where snow covered the distant mountains like icing on Mother Nature's cake. Snow was in the forecast for just about every leg of our journey meaning a few of the locations we had hoped to see would potentially be difficult to access, but with proper planning and a little optimism we knew we were in for an incredible trip.

After cruising through Arizona and Colorado we made our way into one of my favorite states (especially in winter time!) Utah. The hot spring mecca of the southwest, I knew we would be able to find some epic locations for quality winter road trip R&R and the chance to break out my absolute favorite travel towels by Sand Cloud!

After spending almost a week on the road and car camping in sub freezing temperatures, it was certainly time to thaw out. So we headed to one of my all time favorite spots, and the ultimate hippy, let's time travel back to the 60s, throwback, Mystic Hot Springs. The vibes are strange in all the right ways and the variety of tubs means even being a popular spot, you're likely to find a place to soak in the rustic landscape and mountain views. Even with temperatures clinging to 25 degrees, the tubs were a cozy retreat.

After an epic sunset soak at Mystic the hot spring bug had bit. So I did a little research and discovered with just a few miles' hike, we could spend the next day soaking as well! Road trip or not, it was in fact the weekend and Jess and I felt we owed it to our hard work and hours of driving to continue the spa day while we had the chance!

Fifth Water hot springs are only an hour or so east of Salt Lake City. Unlike Mystic, these will require a bit of a hike (the road to the trail head closes in the winter). But the toasty warm natural pools and cascading waterfalls are certainly worth the effort! Hello hot spring heaven! Not to mention there is something extra magical about hanging out in a hot spring, with good company, surrounded by snow. Although it does make getting out a whole lot harder!   

Hot springs are an amazing experience any time of year, and the perfect way to relax, hang with friends and soak in some beautiful locations in nature. But these places only stay beautiful if we commit to keeping them that way! My friends over at Sand Cloud work hard as a charitable brand to give back, especially when it comes to “Saving the Fishies!” and keeping our oceans and much loved natural water sources clean!

It can be heartbreaking to see the way some of these natural treasures are treated when crowds begin flocking to them. Not only is it so important to leave no trace, always. But we can also do our part to show gratitude to Mama Earth by cleaning up anything that may have been left behind by those that came before us. I always pack a bag for trash just in case!