My Life Did a Complete 180 and I’ve Never Been More Stoked

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When I left on my most recent trip with my friend Jess I trusted the answers for my next chapter, where to go, what I was meant to do, would come. When we arrived at our destination, Mammoth Lakes, CA, I was disappointed to say the least. Two weeks of traveling and I had no more information about my next move than when I’d left.

What’s the deal Universe? I asked, pretty frustrated. I’d expressed my desires, gotten clear on what I wanted, meditated, journaled, and put my faith in the higher powers that be. Most of all I had expressed my surrender to not only my soul’s path, but that for the greatest good. I was willing to go wherever and do whatever it took to fulfill the next steps of my mission and purpose here on this earth, whatever that looked like.

So when I had come to the end of the road and was equally in the dark as before, it’s safe to say I was a little upset. What more could I have done? 

Pc: @ kevinkinghorn  Edit: @ alleewild

I decided to kill a couple days with friends in Tahoe before heading back south to meet up with my friends in Zion. Only to find out the Universe had a very different plan. On my way into town my brakes went out and for the second time in only a few months I was faced with the consensus, my Jeep and I weren’t going anywhere anytime soon…

Over the next few weeks my life did a complete 180. I went from living the nomad life on the road with no plans past tomorrow to an apartment, becoming a cat mama and committing at least the next six months to a place I barely knew. It was crazy, magical, and after meditating my way through a couple panic attacks I realized I had gotten exactly what I’d asked the Universe for. But it wasn’t until I calmed myself enough to allow the magic in, that everything began to fall into place.

Which brings me to the importance of PRESENCE.

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We often think of presence as taking in a sunset or having a conversation uninterrupted by text messages, but what does it look like to actually live in the present, not just for a moment, but as a way of life?

As I watched my life completely shift before my eyes my immediate reaction was to assume that these unexpected shifts meant the circumstances were out of my control. Resulting in a fair amount of anxiety and me scrambling to pick up the pieces.


But then I remembered this mildly important fact: I co-create my reality with an all loving Universe, with a power greater than myself that when asked will rearrange our circumstances to allow for our greatest desires to come to fruition.

I had asked the Universe to show me the way to manifesting the life I desired, and that’s exactly what she did. And sure enough she seems to know me better than I know myself.

When I stopped, got grounded, and relaxed a bit, I was able to reestablish presence in my life. Sifting through fears of instability and other events of my past, and shifting out of fear of the unknown future, I was able to embrace the current reality that everything in that moment was perfect.

I had amazing friends supporting this unexpected transition, and a beautiful apartment to stay in during the interim. Once I realized this, once I relaxed into the truth of my present moment…

Well that’s when the magic happened.

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING started falling into place. I was introduced to an amazing new friend that became my roommate, we moved into the most incredible apartment, one of the nicest I’d ever lived in and well in my price range. A new and exciting job opportunity came through. Everything I had tried to worry about before, when I let go, fell effortlessly into place. As if it was all just waiting for me to say “okay, I’m ready, come on in!”

Abundance in every aspect of my life was revealed. 

I could go on with the ridiculous synchronicities I experienced over the past few weeks, but the point of sharing my story is to tell you that this can be you too…

Our presence is our power.

By releasing our hold on the past, and fears of the future, we are able to fully embrace the life we are living right now.

Uninhibited by blocks created by the anxiety of what “could be” we are able to experience what “truly is.“ And trust me, when we are able to get out of our own way, the results are absolutely remarkable.

It really all comes down to grounding in the now, and choosing to trust ourselves and the Universe. Believe me, I am now a living example that that trust, and surrender, while putting in inspired action, is a recipe for creating a life better than we ever imagined…