On Love, Not Politics...

Photo @zack.buras

Photo @zack.buras

I never post political beliefs on Facebook/Instagram etc, and still won't, not really my thing, but in lieu of the election and ensuing ‘conversations’ there’s two things I want to say:

Love. period.


One person is not America, we are America.

So hear me out… I will admit I’ve felt my share of anger and sadness. It is important that we all have the opportunity to feel and express ourselves in a *healthy, healing and proactive* way. But after that, let it be.

We can not change what we can not change. However, there is so much out there that is in our power. It is a disservice to ourselves and the world to not turn our focus and energies away from dwelling in fear, disappointment, whatever it may be, and apply that energy in positive action.

We can blame uneducated people, corrupt people in power, the electoral college, what have you, but pointing fingers gets us nowhere.

Photo @zack.buras

Photo @zack.buras

**If you woke up today and are reading this, you woke up, you have a life, live it with purpose, you have freedom, exercise it, you have access to a system that connects you to the world, and thus a world of opportunities, use it. Despite the violence, war, discrimination, we are lucky to live in an incredible age of information, mobility, and thus boundless opportunity. We are also lucky to be incredible creations of nature capable of the most beautiful things, especially love.**

So, whoever you are, and whatever your beliefs, lay down your weapons, even if they are words, and just be a good person. Call it cliché, but when we lead our lives through love and compassion the only product is ever love and compassion.