5 Must Follow Manifesting Queens

These five manifesting babes and YouTube queens are slaying the manifestation game and living the lives they literally dreamed of…

#1 Kalyn Nicholson

Whether it is beauty topics by zodiac sign, integrating the Law of Attraction or your next cleanse…anything you could want to know about how to create the life you LOVE, Kalyn has a video for it!

Favorite Video: How to Let Go of Toxic Things | Adulting 101


#2 Renee Amberg

I love Renee because she is completely down to earth and covers everything from how to be a total Girl Boss to developing healthy life habits, working out and eating vegan!

Favorite Video: How I Manifest with the Moon


#3 Leeor Alexandra

This manifesting babe talks a lot about the Law of Attraction and how you can literally use it in any and every aspect of your life from changing how you look, to landing the job you have always dreamed of! And she gives you step-by-step guides for it all…

Favorite Video: Law of Attraction 101


#4 Zoey Arielle

Zoey has the absolute best videos on minimalism, travel, and really dives in to how to create income and work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Favorite Video: Zoey’s playlist devoted to minimalism!


#5 Isabel Palacios

I really love Isabel’s scripting routine video. I love to journal. I’ve found it’s the best way to let my imagination run wild and to get clear on the things I want most in my life. Scripting not only aids in visualizing these desires as actually real, and happening, but it can also speed up the manifesting process as well!

Favorite Video: My Scripting Routine! | Law of Attraction